Ašh Fi Noor

“None but God is loved in the exist- ent things. It is He who is manifest within every beloved to the eye of every lover – and there is nothing in the existent realm that is not a lover.”

Standing, surviving the strong winds. With dimly lit candles of waiting.

I annihilate in you over and over again , as your light manifests in me.
I’m all broken.

All torn apart, 

but your gaze penetrates through my soul. 
The melody of your voice hypnotizes my being, my heart skips beat by beat. You see me restless, longing for you. 

While I seclude from the evil world and you open your Divine doors to heal me through your Noor
I surrender and You turn me into You. 
“You are My sight, so have faith. You are My Face so veil yourself.”


The Soul

Deep down it was enshrined the ahadith when “the Prophet would kneel beside his camel and let his wife Saffiya (ra) put her feet on his blessed knee to climb up.”
Before my soul taught me, love for me was a delicate thread stretched between two adjacent pegs, but it has been transformed into a halo; its first is its last, and it’s last is its first. It encompasses every being, slowly expanding to embrace all that ever will be.
No secret can remain hidden forever. Silently and Patiently, it waits in the dark. It lets you build your life, carefully stacking the bricks one by one and then it appears. It deals its blow and everything crumbles.

That’s why it remains intact and incorruptible in time, waiting for its ultimate destiny to be revealed.

Two souls but a single thought, two heart that beat as one. 



In a state of contemplation, each memory faded away, left with pain and wounds.


For the Beloved to appear, and sink me in his gaze.The eyes swallowed the moon, that I might know and the ancient story wept.

One heart beat at a time, He held my hand and smiled.
Each love is now alone with his Beloved. And I am alone with You.

My heart dived deeply in Rabitah, inhaling the melody of his name just like pearls of beads connected to the string.
His fragrance was sweet from garden of roses. His light penetrated in me as I annihilated in the ocean of his existence, however, unable to gasp such a high maqam.
The realm covered him with Noor and removed many veils from my heart that burned with ‘Aśhq

I died from my existence.

Henna 2015©

The “Bedouin”


The eyes stared at the sky and one hand was on the camels hump. Something was there as he felt it inside him. Traveling for days and weeks, the Bedouin was only covered with one piece of robe and wore torn dusty sandals. Not bothered by the hunger or thirst, neither the heat which agitated the body from the burning sun.
The days would past by through the tiredness running through his legs.

He felt no pain. 

The feet would not stop, even after heavy sandstorms.

Every footstep would leave behind prints, invisible to him. Yet, he would still continue on. 
The nights would past under the blue starry sky illuminated by the moon in the dessert. He would rest beside his camel and prepare for his journey ahead. He knew his destination and it was the string which pulled his heart. 

The Bedouin arrived.

His eyes were amazed to see the “jamal” infront of him. However, he spoke with no adab to the Prophet ﷺ. 

**He asked: “Ya Muhammadﷺ, mata as-sa’ah?” (When is the Day of Qiyamah?) The Prophet ﷺ did not answer because he was given the khutbah and couldn’t answer. Then Allah (SWT) sent him a message. “Ya Muhammad ﷺ, you must answer.”

The Prophet ﷺ said, ” O’ Bedouin, it is a long travel. What have you prepared for it?”

“Muhabbatak, Ya Rasulullah ﷺ”, said the Bedouin. 

He is coming for the first time to the door of the Prophet ﷺ saying, ” I love you!”**

In astonishment, the Bedouin for the question he asked it unveiled the secret of the power of Love. The answer which lightens the dark world revealed the true message:

“you’ll be with the one whom you love.”

Henna ©2015 



Remove that veil which is blocking you from Him.

Remove your desires which is stopping you from tasting the Divine.
Open your heart!
Without thinking.
Without listening.
Let go of everything which once was a dark night. 
You see the light don’t you? 

He is calling, waiting to give. 

It’s difficult, after all, through every hardship, there is ease and through every bitterness, you will taste the sweetness.  

Your heart is in His court and your eyes are witness. You saw it on the Night of Ascension through the eyes of the Beloved. You don’t remember but He wants you to remember.
The “Ishq” was created only for Him and you deny to accept, turning your back. 
Stop thinking and Go!
He will raise you to His Beloved and soon you will be dancing in the gardens of Paradise.
Henna © 2015

Journey of the Soul

 Eyes closed. 

Breathing heavily.

The dry lips are chanting:


Deep in devotion from where the heart has no control of the soul to let go of itself.

Head turning from left to right as the dhikr continues.
No sense. 
No smell. 
No thought remain. 
Only the ears hear the heart declaring its mission.
Sweetness of each word, enlightens the soul with an atom of Noor flashing through. 
No existence of the body remains but the soul is ascending toward the heavens surrounded by the fragrance of dhikrullah
“This is Love: to fly towards a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. 
Finally, to take a step without feet.”

Henna ©2015


“She was a forgiver.
Her heart was so large,
She didn’t know how to give
up on people,
because she always believed
the good in those she loved.
It was until she was walked
in so many times, she had no
choice to let go of those
who burned holes in her heart.”

Henna 2015 ©